Stained Glass Designer Creator


Commissioning a stained glass panel allows you to have a unique piece of art created for you which is an expression of your ideas, and will be designed to suit the location you choose.
I like to work closely with my clients, keeping them informed of their commissions progress via regular emails and photo updates, so distance is not a problem.

Fern Hare Moon

I am motivated mainly by visual inspiration found in nature; the symbolic, spiritual and romantic. I am also inspired by a sense of the exotic, mythic and other-worldly in literature, having a strong desire to explore themes of interest and to create images that I see in my minds eye.

Stained glass is very captivating and seductive because of its jewel like qualities. Its therapeutic quality is enhanced by the light that passes through its vibrant colours. It is very exciting to work with these sheets of magical translucent colour that can be manipulated into decorative sections that connect together to portray an image and captivate the eye of the beholder.

To achieve the results I desire; I often spend many hours on the creation of each integral section; slowly building up the subtle qualities of chiaroscuro to achieve an affect. This particular process often requires many firings in the kiln.

Easton Owl


The cost of a panel is calculated on the basis of its size, the complexity of the design, the quality of glass used and the amount of painted and fired detail. It is difficult to give general estimates because each commission is unique. After discussing a customers requirements, an estimated fee is given and an estimated time span for the entire artwork to be created. After drafting a design for the panel I am able to give an exact quote for the work, which will be as near to my estimated quote as possible.
Commissions require a 50% payment in advance for materials.


Installation is by the clients own arrangement. It is possible to encase a stained glass panel within a double glazed unit for safety and security, or to have it secured on the inside of a double glazed unit; so that the full quality of the work can be appreciated from within the room.