How much does it cost for stained glass restoration?

Angie can restore and repair stained glass windows to order using traditional methods and materials. She will work with you to get the best results and try to find the best possible match for old glass.

Some glass types are no longer produced and a modern alternative may need to be used. The cost of restoring an old leaded panel is much the same as making a new one. If badly damaged a virtually new panel needs to be made.

Broken or missing painted sections will need to be reproduced or repaired invisibly. This is often intensive work and can take longer to restore than plain glass leaded lights; which will reflect in the cost.

Once the design of the original panel has been traced and a new pattern called a “Cartoon” has been created; the panel will then need to be entirely dismantled. The old lead is discarded and the glass sections are cleaned. some of the glass will need replacing with new, and entirely new lead came will need to be used throughout. The panel is then soldered, cemented and polished. It will look as near as possible to how it was when it was first created.

Stained Glass Restoration