Swift over Tor

Swift Over Tor

UK Commission

“Ginger Biscuit”

UK Commission

Ginger Biscuit Cat Stained Glass Roundel Panel
Blue Fox Stained Glass Panel

Blue Fox

34″ Diameter

A commssion for a Farm Stable Barn in USA

“Moon Bathers”

15″ x 10″

A commssion in Alaska USA

Moon Bathers Stained Glass Panel
Elflock Collaboration Stained Glass Panel with Tori Ward-White at Victoria J Art


17″ x 12″

A Collaboration with fellow Artist Tori Ward-White at Victoria J Art

The Cat & The Gherkin
“The Cat & The Gherkin


Approx 16″ x 24″

The Cat & The Gherkin
A Piece of Moon
“A Piece Of Moon

Frome, Somerset 

15″ x 20″

“The Gathering

Epping Forest 

20″ x 16″

The Gathering
Bluebell Badger
“Bluebell Badger


16″ x 12″

“Little Tassie”
Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
Victoria Australia
Tasmanian Tiger Thylacine
Fox Albatross Echidna Koala Commission
“Fox Albatross Echnida & Koala

Victoria Australia

Created for a commission in Australia

“Poppy & Daisy”
Designed for a new home in San Diego
Size 18″ x 18″
Stained Glass Artist Angie Dibble in Somerset
Guardians of the Golden Hare

“Guardians Of The Amber Hare



Guardians of the Amber Hare Hare with Barn Owls

Created for a Sun room in Suffolk

20″ x 37″

“The Dark Tower

A Sci-fi themed door panel inspired by the Stephen King Dark Tower Series. Created for a private residence in Weston super Mare Size approximately

32″ x 23″

The Dark Tower
Long Eared Hare
“Long Eared Hare



Painted, Fired And Leaded
12″ x 14″

“Omikami Emerging”

Japanese Goddess of the Sun and supreme deity of the Shinto religion.

The arrival of winter is explained in a myth relating that Amaterasu is a temperamental goddess. Ridiculed by her brother “Susano”, she goes away to hide in a cave. In spring, she must be enticed out to bring light and life to the earth once more.

18″x15″ approx

Butterfly Dancer
“Butterfly Dancer”

Designed to be set in a backlit alcove,
in a home in Burnham on sea

Painted, fired and leaded.

Size approximately 34″x22″

Three Hares and Moon Stained Glass
“Three Hares”

A circular panel created for
a family home in Bedfordshire.

Painted, fired and leaded

Diameter 22″

Saw Whet Owl and Red Fox in Wisconsin
“Wisconsin Forest

Painted, Fired, Fused & Leaded

A USA Commission

stained glass windows and doors
“The Two Panel Window Fox & Owl in Situ”


Created for a 19th century cottage in Derbyshire

stained glass windows and doors
“Fox & Owl”

Two panels created for a door in keeping with the beautiful decor of a 19th century cottage in Derbyshire.

Painted, stained, fired and leaded.

Approximate size: each panel

9″ x 34″

Fern Hare
“Fern Hare Moon”

Created for a 19th century cottage in Derbyshire.

Painted, fired and leaded.

16″ x 26″

Easton Owl
“Easton Owl”

Created for a cottage near Wells, Somerset.

Painted, stained, fired and leaded.

32″ x 20″

Hare in the garden of England
“Hare In The Garden Of England”

Created for a kitchen stable door in a home in Kent.

It depicts the beautiful landscape with poppies and rapeseed fields.

15″x 15″

Moon Gazing Hare
“Moon Gazing Hare”

The third of three panels
for the silk mill cottage
in Nottingham.

Painted, fired and leaded.

Dimensions 24″ x 30″ approx.

The Fox Panel
“The Fox”

Fox Panel for a silk mill cottage
in Nottingham

The nearby Southwell Minster
can be seen in the background.

Painted, fired and leaded.

Dimensions 24″ x 30″ approx.

Kingfisher Scene
“Kingfisher Scene”

The second of three panels
for a silk mill cottage in
in Nottingham.

Painted, fired and leaded.

Dimensions 24″ x 30″ approx.


Created to reside in the
door of a Sanctuary in the
Blackdown Hills near Exeter

Painted, fired and leaded.

Size 20″ x 20″

Figs & Olive Harey Day Out
“Figs & Olive On A Harey Day Out”

A panel created for a cottage stable door in Leicestershire.

Kingfisher Roundel
“Kingfisher Roundel”

Kingfisher roundel

Designed for a riverside cottage
in Creech St Michael,

Diameter 420mm

“Gemmas’ Window”

Gemma’s Window (detail).
Commissioned for a cottage in
Draycott near Wells, Somerset.

Size 663mm x 863mm

Tabby Cat
“Tabby Cat Panel”

Commissioned for a 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary.

It depicts a much loved cat amidst Bellis Daisies, Forget-me-nots and Ferns, symbolising true love, affection, memories and sincerity. Cranberry and Ruby glass have been used which contain gold oxides, so there is some gold within this gift.

Painted, fired and leaded.
Size: Approximately 14″ x 25″

Hare by the Knoll
“Hare By The Knoll”

A hare running under a moonlit, amethyst sky.
The hare was considered to be a royal animal by the Celts who also believed it to be the favourite animal and  attendant spirit of the goddess Eostre .

Painted, fired and leaded, 20″ x 12″

£500 Sold but can be made to order.


Shakespeare’s Ophelia
Dreamlike and at peace amidst undulating waters.

Etched, painted, fired and leaded, 18″ x 18″

In private collection.

Rosel Arch Stained Glass Panel
“Tudor Rose Arch Panel”

A Tudor rose arch panel created for a 16th century home in Somerset.

Painted, fired and leaded, 11 1/2″ x 17″

A commissioned work.

A Brent Knoll Fairy
“A Brent Knoll Fairy”

A Brent Knoll Fairy
One of the few fairies that remain now the M5 motorway runs past Brent Knoll.

Painted, fired and leaded,
17″ x 12″

Three Hares Cock Ireland
“Triple Hare Ireland”

The inspiration for this panel came to me through my clients in Ballydehob, West Cork Ireland.  The design is based on the Triple Hare, an ancient archetype of spiritual significance.

Diameter 20”

Mowbray Hare
“Miss Mowbray”

Created to reside in a stable door of a Reiki Sanctuary in Melton Mowbray.

Painted, fired and leaded.

Approximate size

13″ x 17″

“Japanese Geisha”
A sister panel to the “Butterfly Dancer” also designed
to be set in a back-lit alcove. My clients home is a wonderful 
Aladdin’s cave of bohemian delights. The exotic costumes
of the Geisha and Butterfly Dancer were a great source of inspiration. 
Painted, fired and leaded.
Approximately 34″ x 22″
Stained Glass Geisha Girl
Pet Dog Artwork commission
“Little Boo”
“Little Boo”
A roundel created to celibrate a 
memorable year starring “Boo”
the blond Chihuahua.
Painted, fired & Leaded
14″ approximate in diameter. 
“Isle Of Bute Hare”
A  special family heirloom 
featuring the flora and fauna of
the island that surrounds the family home.
Painted, fired and leaded
16″ x 26″
Stained Glass Commission
Yule Winter Hare
“Yule Winter Hare”
Enchanted White Mountain Hare
set in the Highlands of Scottland.
Diameter 15″
“Gloucester Grey Hare”
20″ x 12″
With Amber Eyes
Gloucester Grey Hare
Belladonna Hare
“Thee Belladonna Hare”
Belladonna Hare
18 x 15 approximately
Complete with chain
“Sunflower Hare”
Sunflower Hare
30″ x 23″ Belgium
Sunflower Hare Belgium
Solstice Badger
“Solstice Badger”
Solstice Badger
St. Georges North Somerset
78″ x 28″