Three Hares


A circular panel created for
a family home in Bedfordshire.

Painted, fired and leaded

Diameter 22″

Three Hares

This version of the triple hare motif was designed for a family home in Bedfordshire. It was interesting to return to this ancient design and incorporate the personal symbolic detail for my client, making this window another original piece.

Working on a slightly larger scale allowed for more freedom and flow to represent the three hares continuing to run gracefully in the never ending cycle through the seasons of our lives.

In this panel they run by the silvery moon, through woodland ferns and bluebells into sun kissed fields of poppies and corn, representing rest, renewal and rebirth.

It was great to have the opportunity to return to this design again and create it to be another original piece with my client’s personal symbolic elements in mind.

There are changes to the foliage and this version is a little larger which allows the lines of the design to curve and flow a little more when created in the lead and glass.


The three colours of the hares remain the same; amber white and grey.  In ancient Chinese symbolism the white hare signifies divinity, the red hare is the harbinger of peace and the black hare brings greetings from the moon goddess.

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