Hare Moon Stained Glass Gets a Website Update

The new layout makes it easy for viewers to navigate, and the slider bar allows you to see the before and after images of selected panels. All works more smoothly now and is easily viewed on various devices. 

Further Website Upddates

There will be further updates to come very soon. I will be posting my recently finished commissions, and hope to have more work for sale in the future. In addition to the new website I also have an new hip! It feels good to be back in full swing after being immobilized for some time.

This last year has been flat out working to catch up on commissions. People have been very kind waiting patiently as I worked my way through, stained glass can”t be rushed and everyone’s been very understanding of this.

Enjoy the new Haremoonstainedglass website, and I shall look forward to adding further interesting additions in the near future.