Another design is well under way. This specially designed stained glass piece is being made to be set in a sun room door.

Owl and Hare in Progress

My clients wanted a hare to be the main feature; they especially liked my hare moon design. They also wished for a barn owl to be incorporated into the design. Initially this posed a slight problem, as there was not the space within the composition to place the owl without overcrowding the scene. They also liked the idea of having the panel made to form an arch; however the actual opening for the panel was a tall rectangle.

After a few experimental sketches the perfect solution came to mind. By creating an arch within the rectangle framework it left a space either side at the top – just perfect to house an owl or two!

I created a couple of fine barn owls to sit on either side of the arch – rather like guardians of the hare!

The glass has now been cut, finely painted and shaded. I used a lot of my favourite Wissmach glass for this project. In addition to its beautiful vibrancy and varied colour tones it fires very well, so is just perfect for my highly decorative and detail work.

Wissmach glass manufactures are based in the United States.

I buy my supplies from companies in the UK. I generally order from more than one to obtain the pieces that I require. These are the companies that I use most frequently:


Owl and Hare Stained Glass