The Stained Glass process begins with an image in mind or a photo. The Bute Hare commission began with a drawing sketch that was then re-drawn onto paper template with an emphasis of the customers requirements and elements to the region of Scotlands Island of Bute.

Coloured Glass for Commission
Scottish Stained Glass
Scottish Stained Glass
Scottish Stained Glass Drawing outlines
Choosing Stained Glass Colours
Stained Glass Window Pieces
Cutting for Stained Glass Windows
Green Stained Glass
Placing the stained Glass into place
Bute Hare Colours
Colour Choices
Colours blend to display the feature
Stained Glass Moon
Painting the Glass
Firing the glass
On the Lightbox
Painting the Glass
The Stained Glass Firing Kiln
Glass Pieced Puzzle
Glass Petals and flowers
Mr Hare of Bute Isle
Name Painting on glass
Beautiful butterfly on glass
Dragonfly painted on glass
Light showing the detail on the stained glass
Mr Hare painted on glass
The Jigsaw of Glass
The Jigsaw of Glass coming together
Leading the Glass Begins
The Stained Glass Leadwork of Mr Hare Head
Mr Hare Head panel
Leadwork refining
Stained glass Flowers around Mr Hare
Pinning the stained glass into place
Isle of Bute Hare Complete

This particular stained glass commission is being made into a demonstration video for customers to see how much time it takes to create each piece and how many stages there are to create the artwork on glass.