Hare Moon Stained Glass Recommends: The Art of Painting on Glass by Albinas Elkus.

There are a great many stained glass books to choose from when starting out as a student; but when it comes to painting on glass the selection is somewhat limited. Fortunately there is one book which is probably the only one you will ever need.

I keep a range of books to help support and inspire my students, but when it comes to learning how to paint and stain glass this book is the one. For those that are serous in their intent about working to a high standard, this is the glass painter’s bible!


Albinas Elkus wrote it in an easy to read format with no lofty stained glass jargon.  It was originally published back in 1980.  Now due to popular demand its great news that this classic on the subject has been re-issued.  This issue has been improved with some in-depth chapters on the preparation of paints, basic techniques, and use of silver stain, enamels and etching.

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The Art of Painting on Glass: Amazon.co.uk: Albinas Elskus


Creative glass.co.uk



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