Commissioning a stained glass panel allows you to acquire a unique piece of art which is an expression of your ideas, and will be designed to suit the location that you choose. It is not possible to give a general estimate because each commission is unique.

After discussing your ideas about the theme, style and colours, I am able to provide you with an estimate of the timescale, and how much the panel will cost.

design drawings for stained glass

Budget can determine the panel’s content. Factors such as the size, types of glass, the amount of fine detail and the complexity of the design will reflect in the cost.  A more accurate price quote can be made once the design is completed.

Colours for Stained Glass
Beautiful Double Stained Glass Panel Complete
Leading of the Stained Glass

Payment is usually made in two parts, 50% in advance for materials, and the final payment once the panel has been completed and is ready for collection or delivery.

Stained Glass Delivery