Fox stained glass to go to Wisconsin. The circular window created for a front door in progress. Bespoke Stained Glass to Enhance Interiors. The unique beauty of a custom made stained glass window can add another dimension to your living space. Because light illuminates stained glass, it has a profound effect on the atmosphere of its interior setting. It can subtly enhance with its ambiance, or become the focal point of a room. In and entrance area, such as a porch or front door, glass can create a strong visual impact adding character and warmth. Some of the following points may be helpful when thinking about a suitable design for your home.


Stained Glass Fox for Wisconsin USA

  1. Have you a theme in mind?
  2. Will the window size/aperture accommodate your ideas.
  3. Is there a style that would best suit your home, such as; Abstract, Naturalistic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro/Modern, etc.
  4. How much light do you need to maintain from the window.
  5. Do you wish for the panel to obscure or enhance a view, or add privacy.
  6. What kind of mood would you like the design to convey through its colour and contour, for example; restful, organic, intimate, vibrant, etc.

An experienced stained glass designer can help you with all of these considerations. When creating a stained glass window I like to work closely with the homeowner and/or their architect to achieve the best results. I feel that this is vital, a detailed, painted panel can take many months to create, but will last for centuries.


With the advantage of shipping companies and custom made wooden crates my work can be shipped to just about anywhere in the world.

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Wisconsin Fox Stained Glass